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Elevate Your Space: Cozy Flora's Faux Olive Trees

At Cozy Flora, we're all about bringing that natural touch into your space with our faux olive trees. They’re perfect for those who love the look of greenery but could do without the hassle of maintenance. Each tree in our collection is a nod to both beauty and practicality, created to blend seamlessly into your life and decor. 

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  • 🌱Realistic Design

  • 🌱Hassle-Free Beauty

  • 🌱Versatile Decor

  • 🌱Sustainable Choice

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Our faux olive tree is the epitome of realism. From the distinct olive leaves to the sturdy trunk, every aspect is designed to mirror the natural beauty of a real olive tree, bringing a breath of Mediterranean air into your space.

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No water, sunlight, or pruning required. It's the perfect green solution for busy lifestyles or spaces where natural light is scarce. Enjoy lush greenery effortlessly, year-round.

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Standing at heights ranging from 5 to 7 feet, this tree is a statement piece that fits beautifully in any room. 

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Embrace sustainability with our tree by conserving water and eliminating the need for pesticides.

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Each faux olive tree comes with a complimentary set of olive sprays to add more layers and depth. Plus, choose from our curated selection of pots to find the perfect match for your new tree.

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Why Cozy Flora?

  • Lifelike beauty 

    Our faux olive trees capture nature’s elegance with stunning realism. 


  • Lasting Quality

    Enjoy vibrant greenery year-round, hassle-free and without fading. 

  • Eco-Conscious 

    Embrace a greener lifestyle with sustainable, maintenance-free plants. 

  • Wellness-Focused

    Enhance your space for tranquility and well-being.

  • Personalized Advice

    Benefit from our expertise to find your perfect green companion. 

  • Customer-Centric

    We’re here to ensure your complete satisfaction with every purchase.


Cozy Flora's faux olive trees exceeded my expectations! The attention to detail and realistic appearance instantly elevated my space. No more worrying about maintenance – these trees bring nature indoors effortlessly.

Angela McCafferty

As someone with a busy lifestyle, Cozy Flora's faux olive trees are a game-changer. They add a touch of greenery without any of the upkeep. The quality is superb, making them an excellent choice for both beauty and practicality.

Sara Bond

I love how seamlessly Cozy Flora's faux olive trees blend into my decor. They're not just artificial plants; they're a statement piece. The lifelike details make them a conversation starter, and the convenience factor is a major plus.

Nikolay Balushev

Say goodbye to watering and pruning! Cozy Flora's faux olive trees offer the perfect solution for plant lovers with a busy schedule. The natural touch they bring to my home is remarkable, and I couldn't be happier with the low maintenance.

Paige Alexander

Impressed by the craftsmanship of Cozy Flora's faux olive trees. The attention to detail is remarkable, creating a lifelike appearance. These trees have become the focal point of my space, and I appreciate the quality that ensures long-lasting beauty.

Claire Cooper
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Supporting Green Initiatives

A portion of every sale is directed towards environmental conservation projects, reinforcing our commitment to a greener future with every artificial olive tree we sell.